Porto City Tour +6 Bridges Cruise

Tour When reaching the D. Luis bridge from the south and you start to catch a glimpse of Porto, in the words of a Portuguese author, you see “a cascade built on a mountainside surrounded by fog”. It is the most beautiful cascade you’ll ever see. And so much more. It's the fog that gives it its mysterious allure. But when the fog lifts, the mystery is solved: before you lies a strikingly beautiful city. Come and discover Porto, the country’s northern capital and one of the oldest cities in Europe. We’ve prepared a unique and unforgettable tour through the Sé quarter, the heart of old Porto, with medieval roots. This memorable trip ends at the famous Porto wine cellars, in the centre of Vila Nova de Gaia, with an ambiance which will take you on a journey to the past. This fantastic tour includes at the end the 6 Bridges Cruise, an unforgettable experience along the Douro River and its breathtaking landscapes. Note: This tour does not include drop off at the hotel. At the end of the cruise (Ribeira dock) clients should return to the hotel by their own means. The presentation of the voucher is mandatory if the customer does not have this document at the beginning of the service (or even if you have in electronic format on your mobile phone), the local service provider may reject perform the service or transport the passenger to the destination in advance agreed. Officially is considered NO-SHOW, so there any refund for this service is possible.
General Information
Departure from: Hotels located in Oporto city center
Arrival at: Cais da Ribeira
Duration: 3h30
Type of Tour: Regular
Departure Timetable: In the morning or in the afternoon (depending on the choice at the time of booking). Check the information provided in the reservation warnings. This information is available in the customer vouchers.
Service available in the following language(s): Portuguese / English / Spanish
General conditions
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